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Lemlem Tesfau Import and Export is a sole proprietorship founded (established) in 1998 E.C. It is owned and managed by Mr. Lemlem Tesfau. At its establishment, the initial capital was 2 million birr. But currently the company’s capital is raised to ETB 249 million. In the year 2018/19 G.C. the company registered sales revenue of about one billion Birr.

The company is now structuring its business management system, organizational structure and being implemented new vision, mission and objectives to raise its sales volume by 25% in the coming three years (2015 E.C.).

The Export section is registered in 2004 E.C. under trade license no. 01/44/13371/2004 by the Ethiopian ministry of trade with a capital of 11,000,549 (Eleven million) Birr.

The company grows by importing trucks (heavy and light duty trucks) like IVECO truckers, Sino(both cargo and dump) truck, construction machineries such as Doosan and other known brands, TATAbuss, Automobiles, spare parts, rebar and sheet metals. Currently, Lemlem Tesfau is doing to expand its export by 50% to all corners of Europe, America, Middle-East & Asia and African Market to advance its good track record for generating its hard currency.

Lemlem Tesfau Import & Export Company is now building a car assembly factory and real-estate development in Addis Ababa also joining the hotel industry by building a five star hotel in Mekelle. It has warehouse and cleaning facility for sesame in Humera and also planning to build coffee cleaning and warehousing facility in leased Land at Addis Ababa. LemlemTesfau Import &Export company’s main clients for imported items are constructions companies, individual business owners, government & non-government companies, and overseas market for its exportable products. The company has a plan to expand its export destination to every corner of Europe, America, Middle East&Asia and neighboring African markets in the coming three years. Presently LemlemTesfau Import &Export co. is more interested to do at large scale in the sector of exporting Ethiopian agriculture products mainly coffee, oil seeds, pulses spices and live animals.
The organization is a member of Ethiopian commodity exchange (ECX) which exportable products are purchase, Ethiopian coffee exporters association (ECEA) and Ethiopian Pulses, Oilseeds and Spices Processors-Exporters Association (EPOSPEA) as well as Ethiopian chamber of commerce.


LemlemTesfau Import &Export co. is a sole proprietor ship Company owned by its founder And General Manager LemlemTesfau

Company Location

The company has its head office in Addis Ababa, Wollosefer, Medico Building, 5th floor. The facility of the head office includes reception areas and office rooms. More over the company has warehouses and branch offices at Humera, Mekele, Kality, Lebu.


LemlemTesfau Import and export started as a sole business in 1997 E.C by exporting Coffee, Ginger, Cereals, Paper and other food products to neighboring countries such as Sudan, Somalia & Djibouti. In 2004 EC, Its Founder Mr.LemlemTesfau together with his Brother grows the company from small trading company to half a billion birr turnover in the last 9 years.

Organizational Structure


To be the leading importer and exporter in Ethiopia by 2025


To provide the best quality products and services to our customers and conducive working environment to our employees


Trust:-We strive for trust-based relationships with our partners, our customers, our employees and everyone else who surrounds us.

Integrity:-We work abiding the laws & regulations of the country; and business ethics.

Honesty:-We believe honesty pays us in return transparency with our customers and employees

Partnership:-We engage in meaningful and win-win relationships with our partners to deliver our comprehensive, high-quality portfolio where and when it is needed.

Contact Person

  • Mr. Lemlem Tesfau,

    General Manager

    Mob.:- +251911 22 84 82


    Deputy General Manager

    Mob.:- +251930 17 70 57

  • Mearg Hagos

    Import and Export Manager

    Mob:- +251-911-23-98-22

  • Berihu Weldegebriel

    Pharmaceuticals Import Manager

    Mob:- +251-904-16-81-50